Zen Doctor – Online Therapy

Book an appointment with highly qualified, licensed practitioners.​


ZenDoctor provides on-demand access to a range of psychologists & personal wellness professionals from across Australia.  

Book your online appointment in minutes, 24/7.

You can visit ZenDoctor website here.

You can signup to ZenDoctor here.

We designed two separate user experiences. One for practitioners to signup, upload correct documents and set their rates. Another experience for patients to easily find doctors on-demand for their needs.


Appello provided full design, frontend, and backend development for ZenDoctor over 4 months, and continue to develop new features for future versions.


We used the most advanced technology stack for backend and frontend algorithms.

  • React Native (mobile iOS and Android)
  • Python Django backend
  • AWS cloud infrastructure
  • Zoom Video integration
  • Stripe Payment System
  • Super Admin panel
  • Customer Support
  • Email & Notifications

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