Kidadl – App for Families

Kidadl Mobile App for Apple and Android!


Kidadl is Londons leader app to find new and exciting events nearby to spend days out with your family.

Visit Kidadl’s main website here.

We worked with Kidadl since 2015, from marketing to designing their partner portal allowing vendors to register to a subscription to advertise access their web and mobile apps.

Kidadl has successfully raised several rounds of investment in the UK and look to expand operations into international markets.


Whilst working with Kidadl they were featured in apple ‘app of the day’ more than once netting millions of store impressions.


Kidadl is build using the latest technology stack, leverages online traffic and from the app stores.

  • React Native (iOS & Android)
  • Node.JS For Backend
  • AWS Servers/Instances
  • Mongo DataBase
  • Video Integration
  • Super Admin panel
  • Customer Support
  • Email & Notifications

Download Kidadl iOS here

Download Kidadl Android here

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