Huggg – iMessage & App

#3 Apple Top Charts


Huggg is a VC backed iMessage, iPhone, iPad, and Android app. Based in England users can send virtual messages to contacts that can redeem for real gifts such as coffee, food and other things.

Download Huggg for Apple here.

Download Huggg for Android here.

Visit their website here.

After 12 months of software development, Huggg App has expanded into several major cities.

We directed the design, marketing an development team though-out their re-branding app and created multi-channel marketing campaigns to increase app installs by over 1500%.

The new app was so successful it topped the UK Top Charts on par with Starbucks.

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Product design and marketing strategy are key to the success of Huggg. We worked with them for more than 6 months, perfecting their product launch.


  • Swift iOS Framework
  • Java Script Framework
  • AWS Servers/Instances
  • Mongo DataBase
  • Native Payments System
  • Super Admin panel
  • Stripe Integration

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